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The Christian’s burden of proof for the resurrection and how to respond

There are several categories of objections to the Christian religion. Such disputes can be from non-Christians about Christian doctrine that is generally accepted by most Christians or it can be between Christians. There are objections on theological grounds. These dispute claims Christians make about the nature of God, what is required for salvation, the consequences…

What is the Christian afterlife and why believe in it?

One of the common criticisms of the concept of the afterlife, particularly the concept of going to heaven when we die, is that it is too good to be true. In other words, it is wishful thinking based on no evidence. It is the result of cognitive dissonance in that we cannot reconcile our innate…

Moral theology for an absurd universe

I recently wrote in my medium publication about “How to live in an absurd universe”. I touched a bit on religious themes but kept it pretty focused on philosophy. In this blog entry, I want to dive into the theology of absurdity. Given that our starting point is that the universe is absurd (that is…

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