What the Bible says happens to the soul when we die

The word “soul” in the Bible is translated from two words: in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word nefesh, literally meaning throat, and from the New Testament, the Greek word psyche from which we get words like psychology. When we talk about a person having a soul, however, that separates from their body when theyContinue reading “What the Bible says happens to the soul when we die”

Does the Bible predict the future?

In the Bible, God, rather than speaking to people directly, chooses specific people through whom he reveals his commands as well as knowledge. These people are Prophets. The Prophets come from all sorts of backgrounds and it is clear that most of them don’t ask to be Prophets. It isn’t clear why God chooses certainContinue reading “Does the Bible predict the future?”

Who founded Christianity?

You might think that the answer to this question is obvious: Jesus, but you’d be wrong. Jesus did not found a religion. He started a movement within Judaism that eventually led to his followers and their successors inventing Christianity. Some commentators argue that Paul invented Christianity. Atheists and non-Christians use this fact to argue againstContinue reading “Who founded Christianity?”

The evidence for God

What is the evidence for God? And should we believe in God even if there is no evidence? The argument against God from evidence is based on a set of philosophical assumptions about the universe sometimes called Naturalism. And naturalists far from being particularly hard nosed and scientific can, if not well-versed in philosophy, employContinue reading “The evidence for God”