Moral theology for an absurd universe

I recently wrote in my medium publication about “How to live in an absurd universe“. I touched a bit on religious themes but kept it pretty focused on philosophy. In this blog entry, I want to dive into the theology of absurdity. Given that our starting point is that the universe is absurd (that isContinue reading “Moral theology for an absurd universe”

Do the errors in scripture mean we shouldn’t trust it?

Modernist-Fundamentalist Christians in the early 20th century challenged two centuries of critical scholarship by declaring scripture to be inerrant. This inerrancy became, in the later 20th century, a belief that every word in the Bible is correct, an extreme sort of inerrancy that goes beyond the general teachings of scripture down to the exact languageContinue reading “Do the errors in scripture mean we shouldn’t trust it?”

Wittgenstein and the Bible

Ludwig Wittgenstein, the famous early 20th century philosopher, was also a devout Christian. He came to Christ while serving at the front in the 1st World War thanks to another Christian convert from an earlier age, Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy’s writing on the Gospel convinced Wittgenstein, at the time nearly suicidal with depression, of their truth.Continue reading “Wittgenstein and the Bible”

It is ok to let go and forget

Have you ever woken up in the morning and for one brief moment been completely at peace? The Sun is streaming through the window. Birds are chirping. Your bed is warm and comfortable. You feel relaxed and rested. It’s your day off. Then you remember something bad that went on at work, the fight youContinue reading “It is ok to let go and forget”

Can you be Buddhist and Christian at the same time?

I was a Buddhist for a while in my late 20s and early 30s before returning to the church. I found a lot to like in Buddhist focus on the spiritual journey, letting go, meditation, and compassion. Unlike other religions, Buddhism does not, by design, want you to take on particular doctrines. Buddhists, in general,Continue reading “Can you be Buddhist and Christian at the same time?”

The strongest argument against the existence of God and Aquinas’s answer

I am a Christian, but I’m also a scientist and a philosopher. If my beliefs are true, therefore, I believe they ought to stand up to scrutiny. All arguments against the existence of God, and by God I mean the God of the Bible, all good, all knowing, all powerful, tend to call God’s existenceContinue reading “The strongest argument against the existence of God and Aquinas’s answer”

Thomas Aquinas, Quantum Physics, and the Nature of Reality

I am a big fan of Thomas Aquinas, the 13th century Saint and philosopher. Aquinas is known for his arguments in favor of the existence of God and his seminal work Summa Theologica. Aquinas strongly believed that faith and science should be united. He refutes the claims of modern scientists that God cannot exist becauseContinue reading “Thomas Aquinas, Quantum Physics, and the Nature of Reality”

Global Warming is the #1 Threat to our civilization today

I have an article coming out on medium tomorrow about global warming. I’m not a climate scientist, but I have read enough to be dangerous. And the more I read the more I am convinced that there are no half measures to be taken. Fossil fuels must go. People I talk to don’t seem toContinue reading “Global Warming is the #1 Threat to our civilization today”

Why does quantum mechanics need philosophy?

With his characteristic insight, Randall Munroe presents the amusing graph above. As someone who has had enough years of math (a Ph.D. in math in 2007 and pretty much continuous use of advanced mathematics since then) to understand all these subjects, I find a lot of misconceptions about quantum mechanics, even among those who shouldContinue reading “Why does quantum mechanics need philosophy?”